hands in dark jail cellThis post is being written to conclude and recap my series on the handling of sexual assault charges in Austin, Texas. I felt it was crucial to write on this topic as many individuals do not know how to proceed when they or a loved one have been charged with a serious offense. Given the gravity of such charges, it is important that an accused individual immediately begin taking steps to ensure that their rights remain protected. The goal of my recent articles has been two-fold. First, it was my hope to provide information which can help people to better understand their situation. Second, it was my goal to provide information which would assist with the selection of an attorney. If you are in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with an Austin criminal defense lawyer.

I have addressed a number of topics over my recent articles. Some of the issues which I have analyzed include:

There are a number of reasons why I chose to address these topics. First, it is not uncommon for law enforcement to violate a defendant’s right against unreasonable search and seizure or their right to remain silent. Such violations can result in evidence being excluded from trial and strengthening a defendant’s case. Second, an eyewitness’ identification can be excluded from Court if police procedures were overly suggestive. Excluding such witnesses can make a substantial difference in such cases. Third, knowing what to expect from the trial process can help to ensure that things go more smoothly. Finally, it is important that anyone charged with a crime understand the potential penalties which they are facing.

If you find yourself in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with an Austin sexual assault lawyer. I practice no other area of law beyond criminal defense and I have devoted my career to protecting the rights of the accused. My office prides itself on providing quality service. This includes promptly responding to emails, quickly returning phone calls, and making ourselves available to answer any questions which you may have. Contact us online or by telephone today. My firm also serves the cities of Rollingwood, Round Rock, Elgin, Jonestown, Manor, Bee Cave, Lago Vista, Sunset Valley, Lakeway, Creedmoor, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, and San Marcos, Texas.