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Registration formThose who have been convicted of a sex offense do not get a clean slate after the completion of their probation or prison sentence. Texas requires someone, who has been convicted of a sexual crime, to register with the Department of Public Safety. When registering one must provide the state with their address and other information which allows for their whereabouts to be tracked. Failing to meet these registration requirements can result in one being charged with a new offense. If you have been charged with failing to register then it is crucial that you take the matter seriously. Our Austin criminal defense attorney assists those who face such charges. If you require assistance then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

Attorney assisting Austin residents who have failed to register as a sex offender

How long one is required to maintain their sex offender registration will depend on the offense for which they were convicted. Some may be required to register for a period of ten years after they are released from prison or have completed probation. Others may be required to register for life while a third class of defendants, who have multiple sexual cases which involved violence, may be required to register for life while being required to update their registration every 90 days. One is typically required to register or update their registration any time they plan to reside at a location for seven days or more. A person who is required to register for ten years, and fails to keep their information current, can be charged with a “state jail felony” and may receive a sentence ranging from six months to two years in prison. Those failing to meet their requirement of lifetime registration will face a “third degree felony” which carries a sentence of two to ten years in prison. Those who are required to register every ninety days, and fail to do so, will be charged with a “second degree felony” and will face a sentence of two to twenty years. These sentences may be in addition to any other charges a defendant will face.

Cases involving a failure to register often involve other criminal charges for which the defendant was arrested or matters involving probation revocation proceedings. It will be necessary to determine whether the prior conviction was one which the defendant was actually required to report and whether the accused failed in their obligation to register. If the prior conviction occurred in another state then the accused would only be required to register in Texas if a similar charge creates a registration requirement in our state. Also, the government must prove that the accused did not report their new address within seven days of the move. This means that it must be proven that the accused lived at an address for at least seven days. There are other defenses available to certain defendants. Regardless of one’s situation, it is crucial that one retain an experienced lawyer if they are charged with failing to register.

Dan Dworin is a Austin criminal defense attorney assisting those charged with failing to register as a sex offender. Dan has been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in criminal law and has been practicing since 1995. Prior to your initial consultation he will often gather the available public records in order to gain a better understanding of the situation. He will use the initial meeting to help you understand your options and what to expect as the case moves forward. Since registration cases are often tied to another matter, Dan will explore all possible options related to a broader defense. Our firm will file all necessary motions with the Court, will fully investigate the case, and will ensure that your interests are protected. Do not risk your future to a lesser experienced lawyer. Contact us today.

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Dan believes that everyone is entitled to the highest level of respect. Our firm is also founded on the notion that everyone has a right to the most vigorous defense and the highest level of service. Dan strives to respond to phone calls and emails on the same day that they are received. He will make himself available to answer your questions and take steps to ensure that you understand the process you are facing. This is our promise to each of our clients.

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