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Judge pounding gavelProbation is a frequently used sentencing option in the Texas criminal justice system. Probation allows defendants to remain at home with family, to continue to work, and be a part of one’s community. It is obviously preferable to incarceration for a variety of reasons. Those subject to probation, however, must still meet strict conditions during their supervision, which can seem onerous at times. Many people do not realize that it is possible to seek early termination of probation under certain circumstances. Dan Dworin is an experienced criminal attorney who can review your case and assist you in seeking early termination of your probation. Contact our Austin office online or by telephone to speak to a lawyer.

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Texas law gives judges the authority to release eligible defendants from probation earlier than originally scheduled under certain specific circumstances. A judge may, in their discretion, consider a defendant’s request for early release from probation when the defendant has completed one-third or two years of the probation period, whichever is less. A judge is not required to entertain such request, however, until the defendant has completed one-half or two years of the probation period, whichever is more. Most judges in Central Texas will not consider early discharge until one-half of the probation period has been successfully completed. Even then, the defendant must be able to demonstrate that they have paid all restitution payments and other fees required by the court and completed all court ordered counseling or treatment. If, in the court’s discretion, the defendant has satisfied all the conditions of the supervision, then the court may grant early termination. It is important to note that certain violent crimes, sex-related crimes and crimes involving children may not be eligible for early termination. A person on probation for Driving While Intoxicated is also not eligible for an early termination in Texas.

Early termination of probation is a privilege granted to those who can show that their behavior justifies changing the court’s original sentence. It is imperative to demonstrate that a defendant has strictly complied with the court’s orders. Because judges have complete discretion in this decision, other factors may also be important when making a request. A judge may consider, for instance, the seriousness of the underlying crime, the defendant’s previous criminal history and input from the probation officer about the defendant’s behavior. In addition, evidence that the person is employed, engaged in community service, or generally contributing to society in a positive way may help persuade a judge that termination is appropriate. It will be important to properly present your case to the judge along with all possible information to support your request.

Dan is an Austin criminal defense attorney who represents those seeking early termination of probation charges. Dan has been licensed since 1995 and is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in criminal law. At your initial consultation, he will determine whether you are eligible to seek early termination of your probationary period and help gather the information needed to make your request. Dan understands the types of evidence that Texas judges consider when reviewing such requests and how best to convey the information on your behalf. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer.

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Dan is an attorney who understands that every client deserves respect. Those who have honored the terms of their probation and are eligible for early termination deserve every chance at success. Dan’s experience and customer service gives his clients confidence that their case is receiving the attention it merits. He values the lawyer-client relationship and is committed to responding promptly to emails, telephone calls and otherwise making himself available to answer his clients’ questions and concerns throughout the process. Contact our Austin office today to schedule a consultation.