judicial gavelThis is the last post in a series of articles discussing the benefits and process of deregistering as a sex offender in Austin, Texas. The requirement to register as a sex offender can be onerous and invasive. The sex offender label is publicly available and can lead to denial of housing, employment, harassment, and discrimination. Texas law recognizes that some individuals, who have complied with the registration requirements and have rehabilitated to the satisfaction of the state, deserve the opportunity to remove themselves from the sex offender database. The goal of this series has been to provide information to help people understand the benefits, eligibility requirements, and process of deregistration. Another objective has been to emphasize the importance of working with experienced counsel to assist you throughout the process. If you have questions about deregistration, contact my office to speak with a lawyer.

This series addressed the following subjects:

If you believe you may be eligible for deregistration, understanding the topics covered in this series is an important first step in the process. First, terminating one’s obligations to register as a sex offender can be beneficial in a variety of ways. An obvious benefit is the removal of one’s name and address from the publicly available registry. Restoring an individual’s privacy along with improving employment, housing, and credit prospects can help one rebuild their life. Second, understanding the eligibility requirements can become complicated. A criminal defense attorney can help review your record and explain whether you qualify to apply for the deregistration process. Third, the deregistration process involves several steps that may seem overwhelming and complicated for applicants. Understanding what to expect during each phase can help individuals manage expectations. Finally, in light of the potential benefits of successfully deregistering, it is important to consult with a lawyer who has experience in the Texas criminal justice system and deregistration process.

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