Man in suit signing documentThis is the fifth post in my series on sealing or expunging a criminal record in Austin, Texas. In my last post, I provided some details about the expunction process. I discussed how the process begins and what can occur if inaccurate information is included on the petition for expunction. I also explained the differences between an expunction, an order of nondisclosure, and automatic sealing. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of hiring an attorney to assist you with this matter. The expunction process can be quite confusing, so it is important that you retain counsel as soon as possible. Contact my office today to speak with a lawyer if you need assistance.

As I have stated throughout this series, the process for sealing or expunging your criminal record can be a bit arduous. This is especially true for Texas residents. In Texas, one can obtain an expunction, an order of nondisclosure, or their record may be automatically sealed. It is crucial that one has an understanding of these distinctions. Depending on the outcome of your criminal case, you may be eligible for a different form of sealing than you originally thought. Furthermore, because the expunction process requires the petitioner to include a great deal of information, the chance that you will make a mistake on your application is a great one. As I mentioned in my previous post, the Department of Public Safety or the District or County Attorney that prosecuted your case can oppose your petition for expunction based on the inclusion of inaccurate information in the petition. An experienced attorney can ensure that you not only understand the expunction process but that your application is completed correctly and in a timely fashion. Sealing your record opens up the door to many different employment opportunities and you don’t want to spend valuable resources only to have your Petition rejected.

It is important to remember that filing the petition is only the beginning of the process.  You must also be sure that the proposed order you are asking the judge to sign correctly lists all the various criminal-justice agencies that may have records of your arrest. For many people, this can prove to be a difficult task as the motion will need to include very specific information and proper procedures must be followed to ensure that all relevant records subject to expunction or sealing are, in fact, erased or made non-public. Dealing with an arrest record is stressful enough, the last thing one should be worried about is whether they will need to complete the expunction or sealing process multiple times. If you or a loved one has an arrest or criminal record and would like to discuss your options, contact my office today to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

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