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Man in suit and handcuffsMany do not see white collar crimes as serious offenses as they do not involve bodily harm to another. The fact of the matter, however, is that such offenses can result in grave harm to the economy and society as a whole. Charges for such offenses, depending on the circumstances, may be charged in federal court or in Texas state court. Prosecutors aggressively pursue such matters and it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling these types of cases. Dan Dworin is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in criminal law and has handled many white collar charges. Call our office today to speak with a lawyer.

Austin attorney assisting with white collar charges such as fraud, forgery, cyber hacking, and more

White collar offenses can come in many forms. Common examples of such cases include money laundering, identity theft, cyber crimes (such as hacking), credit card fraud, forgery, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, workers’ compensation insurance fraud. The amount of money involved in a defense will often determine whether the case is charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Also, depending on the facts of the case a defendant may find themselves facing federal criminal charges or they may be required to appear in state court. White collar charges can often involve complicated issues such as financial records, interpretations of very technical statutes, and often require the use of expert witnesses to help prepare a successful defense.

White collar charges often begin by an Indictment being filed in either Federal or State Court. However, in some circumstances a search warrant is executed, or a grand jury subpoena is issued which alerts the target of the investigation that something serious is about to happen. It is critically important to secure experienced representation as early as possible in such cases to ensure that all relevant facts helpful to your case can be presented to the prosecutor leading the investigation; in some cases it is possible to avoid an Indictment with sufficient time and effort on the front end. If an indictment is returned and an immediate resolution is not reached then the defendant will enter a “not guilty” plea and a trial date will be set. The defendant’s lawyer will be provided with evidence, known as “discovery,” which the prosecution is required to provide. It is not uncommon for evidence to have been obtained by law enforcement through means which violated the U.S. Constitution. If evidence was obtained illegally then counsel may request that the Court not allow it to be used at trial. Counsel will also conduct their own independent investigation in order to prepare a vigorous defense. If the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations then the case will conclude at trial with a jury deciding the issue of guilt. If an accused is convicted then the Judge will issue a sentence at a later date in federal court, or if in state court the defendant may choose either judge or jury sentencing. Again, such cases are complex in nature and it is important to retain experienced counsel.

Dan Dworin is an Austin attorney who practices only in the area of criminal defense and is experienced in handling white collar cases. Dan will prepare for your initial consultation by gathering available public information from the courthouse in order to gain a better understanding of the facts. Once retained he will ensure that you are prepared to proceed and that you know what to expect from the process. If local police or federal agents violated your rights then he will seek to exclude illegally seized evidence under the Fourth or Fifth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Common examples of such violations may include law enforcement searching one’s cell phone or computer without a warrant, entering a residence when a warrant was required, illegally stopping a vehicle, or searching one’s person without appropriate reasonable suspicion. Dan will make sure that you are prepared for trial and aggressively represent you through the completion of your case. Our lawyer will give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us online or by telephone.

White collar crimes lawyer providing personalized service to Austin residents

Our lawyer recognizes that a white collar conviction carries serious consequences. In addition to facing incarceration, a defendant may be saddled with a permanent criminal record, the loss of professional licenses, and the inability to pass a background check. Dan takes such charges very seriously and provides personalized service in addition to quality representation. Dan maintains excellent connections with qualified experts, including other attorneys who are experts in professional licensing, to make sure that the best possible results are achieved and that your ability to continue working in your profession is not taken away from you. This service includes same day responses to phone calls and emails, making sure he meets with clients prior to their court appearances, and making himself available to answer any questions which one may have. One of the most common complaints against attorneys is that they do not regularly communicate with clients and Dan strives to break this stereotype. This is his promise to each of our clients.

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