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Police arresting young manSociety has no tolerance for violent offenders. This lack of tolerance is often shared by prosecutors, judges, and others. Those who commit violent acts will often be charged with a felony and may face serious prison time. Conviction for such an offense can mean incarceration, fines, a permanent criminal record, and difficulty finding future employment. If you or a loved on have been arrested for an act of violence then it is crucial that you retain a lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights. Dan Dworin is an Austin criminal defense attorney handling cases which involve violent crimes. Dan is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in criminal law and prides himself on the level of service he provides. Contact our office today for an initial consultation.

Criminal defense lawyer handling misdemeanor and felony cases which involve violence

There are various types of cases which involve violent acts. Depending on the circumstances, the level of harm done and whether or not a weapon was a used, a defendant may find themselves charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Common examples of such offenses include:

Such cases will usually begin with an arrest, although in some cases officers will take a report and then obtain a warrant and arrest the defendant later. Such cases often hinge on the admissibility and reliability of eyewitness testimony, whether law enforcement illegally collected evidence, whether the defendant was acting in self-defense, and whether the victim’s account of events is believable. It is crucial that you retain an attorney who is familiar with taking such cases to trial. Our office maintains relationships with experienced investigators who can be used to help locate witnesses, do background checks on the accusers or other witnesses, or help re-create the scene of the alleged crime.

Dan Dworin is an Austin criminal defense lawyer and has been handling Texas cases since 1995. Prior to your initial consultation he will examine the public records to learn everything he can about your situation. He will then use the consultation to help you understand what it is you should expect from the process and to begin developing a defense strategy. He will conduct a thorough investigation of your matter and file any necessary motions with the Court. These motions may include requests to exclude the use of eyewitness identifications or illegally obtained statements. If a resolution is not reached then he will ensure you are prepared for trial. Dan understands that you are facing a serious situation and he will give it the attention it deserves. Contact us today.

Austin attorney providing regular communication for those charged with a crime of violence

The ramifications of a criminal conviction can be devastating. Dan understand that you are apprehensive about the situation and that this is a stressful time in your life. You do not need the added stress of dealing with counsel who does not make him or herself available to answer your questions. Dan strives to respond to phone calls and emails on the same business day. He regularly meets with clients in his office and will take steps to keep you up to date as to the status of your case. He prides himself on providing a high level of service and this is our firm’s promise to each and every one of our clients.

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